Application & Tuition

Admissions Status:

Good News Academy is now accepting applications for grades K-2 for the 2023-24 school year.

Submitted applications will be processed starting in February. Good News Academy will contact parents to set up a family interview. If accepted into Good News Academy, a placement exam will be administered to assess student readiness and to determine grade level. Notification of acceptance or denial will be e-mailed/mailed to each applicant. Accepted applicants will receive all appropriate information for preparing for school including financial arrangements.


Good News Academy exists to minister to families by providing their children with a rigorous, Christ-centered education based on a Biblical worldview. We want to see our students become passionate about and obedient to the Word of God, strengthened in their faith, and empowered for witness. As discipleship is a lifetime endeavor beginning in childhood for many, it is important that a child be raised up in the way that he or she should go (Proverbs 22:6). This spiritual discipleship of a child takes place in home, church and school.

Therefore, Good News Academy requires that at least one parent of each applicant profess faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, agree to our Statement of Faith, and regularly attend and participate in the ministries of a local Christian church.

Tuition and Financial Information:

The application fee is $100. 

Early Enrollment Discount! Apply before April 1, 2023 and we will waive the $100 Application Fee.

There will be more information forthcoming regarding enrollment upon acceptance, and how tuition payments and related fees will be processed.

The total tuition cost per student for the 2023-2024 school year is $8,333. Thanks to the generous financial gifts of the members and parishioners of Good News Lutheran Brethren Church, however, we are able to offer the following reduced tuition rates to all students.

Standard Tuition (2023-2024):   

Kindergarten (1/2 day, M-F)                                         $3,200/year       

Kindergarten-2nd Grade (full day, M-F)                        $5,000/year       

Tuition (2023-2024) for Children of Good News Lutheran Brethren Church Active* Confessing Members** and Parishioners***:

Kindergarten (1/2 day, M-F)                                         $1,900/year

Kindergarten-2nd Grade (full day, M-F)                        $3,000/year       

*”Active” is defined as attending Sunday worship at Good News Lutheran Brethren Church at least 3 times/month, supporting the church with tithes and offerings, and serving within the church. (The Good News Lutheran Brethren Church Board of Elders is responsible for continual review of one’s “active” status, accountability, discipline, and arrangements made necessary by circumstances beyond the control of member or parishioner.)

**”Confessing Member” is defined as one who has been baptized into “the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit,” confesses personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, maintains a good reputation in the community, accepts the Statement of Faith and Constitution of Good News Lutheran Brethren Church, and has completed the membership process (including, but not limited to, attending membership classes, interviewing with the Board of Elders, and being affirmed into membership by the congregation). All requests for confessing membership are made to the Board of Elders of Good News Lutheran Brethren Church.

***”Parishioner” is defined as one who makes Good News Lutheran Brethren Church his or her church home, joining in worship, confession, and service but has not yet become a Confessing Member.

Regarding any tuition concerns, please don’t let a possible financial burden keep you from applying. We seek to strengthen families, not profit margins, and will provide assistance as possible. Questions? contact@gnlbcacademy.org

Payment cycle is 12 months, May through April.  If you are accepted June-August, your full yearly tuition will be divided over the remaining months of the payment cycle. 

Your first payment signals your financial commitment for the entirety of the following school year, and this contract will be binding even if your child is withdrawn or expelled.  We will begin hiring teachers, setting salaries, and buying curriculum based on that commitment.  The only exception would be when the vacated seat is filled by an incoming student in that class. 

Elementary Entrance Standards

(Standards for all grades are cumulative)

Kindergarten (5–6-year-olds)

  1. hold and use a pencil correctly
  2. write name / recite alphabet / count to 30
  3. know all letter names (when presented out of order)
  4. at least five years old by September 30

1st Grade (6–7-year-olds)

  1. use scissors, tie shoes, zip coat
  2. write / name / sound-out alphabet
  3. read simple three / four letter words
  4. write the numbers 0 to 30
  5. count by 1’s to 50, by 5’s & 10’s to 100
  6. recognize / name 1- & 2-digit numbers

2nd Grade (7–8-year-olds)

  1. fluently read & comprehend Frog & Toad are Friends
  2. print alphabet (upper & lower case)
  3. write a complete sentence
  4. quickly add and subtract 1- & 2-digit problems

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