Questions and Answers

Why “Good News Academy”? To provide parents and children with a quality schooling option but using an education model not used locally: Classical Christian Education.

What is Classical Christian Education? “CCE is education as it was practiced prior to the progressive movement early in the 20th century, which focused on job training. Instead, CCE sharpens students’ reasoning, language, and rhetorical skills with a Christian vision for all truth and knowledge. The goal is to cultivate wisdom in light of Christ’s creation and kingdom.” (

Will this school be available to children of all ages? We intend to start with one class for young students and, initially, use a multi-age model (e.g. grades K-2) which is extensively practiced in other private schools. As children age, it would be our hope to grow the school a class at a time accordingly.

What are the expectations of students’ parents? The primary educators and disciplers of children are their parents. As such, we expect that the education and faith discipleship of the students will be a partnership among the parents, the church and the school. Parents can expect to be highly involved and make covenants regarding their participation in the life of the school and in the life of a church.

Where will this school be located? It is our intent to use the current Good News facilities, across the road from East Juniata High School, as long as it is feasible to do so.

What is your proposed timeline? “If the Lord wills, we will live and do this or that” (James 4:15). It’s entirely in God’s hands but we intend to offer our first class in September 2023.

Who is the teacher? We have selected our teacher and will share more information as soon as possible.